Latest activities

Co – I in a GCRF: UCL Internal Small Grant in Multi-hazard hurricane and epidemic risk assessment for a small Caribbean island developing state.

I am also working on research with the UCL IRDR Centre for Digital Public Health in Emergencies (dPHE). The journaling and wellbeing #MyLockdownJournal app is now out! Download it for Android phones now!
This can help to: Boost the UK population’s mental health and wellbeing during the current crisis; Collect research data to inform public health policy and reduce future disaster risk; and Develop a personalised digital behaviour intervention to improve wellbeing in the post-lockdown period!
Track your daily activities and contribute to our research informing public health policy! We hope you enjoy using it and find it useful, especially knowing you’re contributing to research while you use it!


Li, L., Sullivan, A., Musah, A., Stavrianaki, K., Wood, C.E., Baker, P. and Kostkova, P. (2022). To Zoom or not to Zoom: A longitudinal study of UK population’s activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. PloS one17(7), p.e0270207.

Stavrianaki, K., Shortt, M., & Sammonds, P. (2022). Source Location and Dataset Incompleteness in Acoustic Emissions from Ice Tank Tests on Ice-Rubble-Ice Friction. Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held in Espoo, Finland, 3-7 June 2019. Springer Bookseries.

I. Abubakar, et al. (2018). The UCL–Lancet Commission on Migration and Health: the health of a world on the move. The Lancet 392.10164:2606-2654.

D. Pohoryles, J. Melo, T. Rossetto, M. Fabian, C. McCague, K. Stavrianaki, B. Lishman and B. Sargeant (2016). Use of DIC and AE for monitoring effective strain and debonding in FRP and FRCM retrofitted RC beams. Journal of Composites for Construction: 04016057.

Keynote presentations and Invited talks

A Statistical and Mechanical Analysis of Ice Friction Experiments using Acoustic Emissions.
IUTAM Conference on Physics and Mechanics of Sea Ice, Aalto University, June, 2019.

A study on Earthquake Magnitude Correlations in Southern California (2019). Presentation at the University of Bath, Department of Mathematics.

K.Stavrianaki (2017). Seismic Hazard and earthquake magnitude correlations. International Symposium on Disaster Management in the age of Innovation and change (ISDM), Guangzhou, China (Keynote)

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